Kathleen Cosgrove, Mystery and Humor Writer
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Kathleen is  a writer living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, just a stone's throw from Nashville. Rubbing shoulders with some of the most creative and talented people on earth has nourished and helped her grow as a writer.  

She is best known for the unique voice she brings to all her writing. Her style of wit and humor along with snappy dialogue and offbeat characters have reviewers comparing her work to the likes of Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiaasen.

She can also be found on-stage in venues in and around Nashville reading her always funny and sometimes touching memoirs.

Kathleen is available for readings, book signings and story telling.
The Entangled, Engulfed and Soundtrack Not Included book covers were designed by Charlie Wetherington
Kathleen produces the popular and always  funny live         comedy show Life Out Loud showcasing the 
                   best storytellers in Nashville
Kathleen's breakout best seller Engulfed is a comedic mystery that has readers laughing out loud

"I absolutely loved this book! I laughed all the way through and for weeks after I finished it. The characters are hilarious and I can't wait to read Ms. Cosgrove's next novel :) "

"I couldn't stop laughing and I couldn't put it down."

"A perfect mix of humor and suspense."